A new baby, a new year, and a new direction for my creative energy

March 2022

Making space for new growth, telling stories about our home places & supporting good causes during difficult times

February 2022

The active effort of waiting, embracing the seasons of the spirit & remembering to play our way through tough times
Watching with pride as others make great strides, celebrating the Year of the Tiger & wrestling with the ever-shifting definition of "creative success"

January 2022

Weathering an endless storm, a beautiful book with a good cause & giving ourselves permission to survive rather than thrive

December 2021

Finding new inspiration in old places
The lessons of vegan fried onions, the evolution of "traditions" & freeing ourselves from the myth of having it all

November 2021

A dreaded errand, dye-making with black walnuts & reclaiming space for creative living

October 2021

A highly harrowing adventure, a serpentine book, and the mental joy of curating scrap papers
Rehabilitating a love for reading in the age of endless scrolling & the risks of seeking attention for our creative work

September 2021

A mysterious red flower, the uncertainty of the equinox, and the calming power of singing bowls
On sailing, artistic perseverance, and how our perception of an object affects our understanding of it